Monday, May 22, 2006

The life span of a Blog

I imagine like most things (New Year's Resolutions, Gym Memberships, diets, etc) that most blogs have much more auspicious starts than endings. People have an initial rush that they have created something new and within a few days realize that if this is going to live up to their dream of it that they then have to continue working at it. They have to come up with something new to say or some great topic. They might even have the ego to think that what they put up has to live up to some standard. "What if my readers don't think this is as good as other things that I've put up before?" "What if I offend one of my regulars" Well thoughts like that should be ridiculous shouldn't it? The whole point of this stuff is to put whatever you feel like posting on any given day, hour, minute, etc. In my opinion if it's funny than fine, if it's angry, sad, whatever then that's fine as well. I will try my best not to get into too much of a rut with what I put on here, but if I do then I'll be okay with that as well. That being said, I will now answer the topic of the title. What is the lifespan of a blog? Two weeks. Here's hoping for another two.


Q said...

I think that it depends on the interaction that comes from it. If you know that no-one is reading or looking at your blog then it will die out, but if you have people that you know are looking at your blog and giving you feedback then it will be more interesting for you to post more thoughts. So the (lifespan of a blog)=(posts made)*(interaction)/(time), which will inherently be 1.75 months 22 hours 42 minutes and 33 seconds. With that said I can guarantee my blog will out live your blog!

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Two more weeks! Two more weeks!