Monday, March 12, 2007

Trading Post

I recently had some trade-in credit at Walmart. It's my default place for returning things that I have no idea where I bought and have finally realized that I'll never use. The bad part is that I get incredibly indecisive in situations like this. My goal was to return the object, with that accomplished I flounder with what to do next. There are too many choices and I don't know how best to spend my windfall. So I cruised down the aisles eyeing the gallon jug of Drakkar Noir, the leopard print steering wheel cover, and the value bin of Mexican movies (2 for $10!). Not seeing anything that caught my fancy I decided to check out the video games. I wanted to find something that was under my trade-in amount though and this proved difficult. I searched through several high priced games before I found one that fell into my budget and looked at least mildly entertaining. It was discounted and I knew it wasn't going to be that good, but it looked like it had a gratuitous amount of skimpily dressed animated girls and I was sold. I went searching for the employee that was supposed to be assigned to this section to ask him to pull the game for me so that I could look at the case.
I found the guy and waved him over. When I pointed out the game I wanted to see he got it out and the following conversation took place,
Walmart Guy - Are you sure you don't want to get a good game?

Me - I don't expect this to be great, but that's ok.

Walmart Guy - If you're going to get a fighting game I'd get DOA 4. It's much better.

Me - I'm sure it is, but this one's $20. DOA 4 is $60. So, I'll probably just get this one.

Walmart Guy - Or you could get Lost Planet or the new Medal of Honor game. They're much better then that one.

Me - Are any of those games $20?

Walmart Guy - No.

Me - Then I'm not interested.

Walmart Guy - If you're going to have a 360 then you at least need to get the good games for it.

Me - Not if they're $60. I'll just rent them.

Walmart Guy - Are you sure you want to buy that game? It's not good.

Me - Have you ever played it?

Walmart Guy - No.

Me - Do you know anybody that's played it?

Walmart Guy - No. I've worked here six months and never even sold one copy of that game.

Me - That would explain the discount.

Walmart Guy - What about Halo 3? You're not going to wait on that are you? I've already reserved my copy of the collectors edition that comes in the metal tin and has a special DVD. It's going to run about $150.

Me - I'm not really interested.

Walmart Guy - Halo 3!!!!????

Mom with kid - Can we see one of these X-Box games?

Walmart Guy - X-Box or 360?

Mom with kid - X-Box.

Walmart Guy - You know they don't even make those anymore. You need to get trade it in and get a 360.

He tried to dismiss the lady and her kid when he saw that I was leaving so that he could go back to berating me about my incomprehensible taste in games, but I ran for it.


Gyuss Baaltar said...

I hope you at least complimented him on his fine choice in vests.

Q said...

Did you explain to him that there were girls that fight each other in this game? That should have answered his question, granted it is not Fifa - Road to the World Cup 2006 for $20 but whatever...

Dagromm said...

Damn, I rushed back here, but it was just you. No, I did want to compliment him on the fact that he had secured a job that could feed his video game habit, his desire to give poor customer service, and never push him to move away from home. He'll probably be a manager in no time.

Dagromm said...

Q- I thought the game spoke for itself. He seemed to think I wanted a game that was a saga when all I wanted was a cheap thrill.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Just me?

"Just" me?

Your blog has been graced by Gyuss Baaltar, idol of millions.

Kneel before me

plug said...

I'm actually impressed that you found a WalMart employee with some salesmanship. Yeah, he was a tool about it, but at least there's some raw material there.

So was the game any good? Or did you leave without buying it?

Dagromm said...

Oh I bought it. And whether it was any good is a matter of what you're expecting versus what you get. It's certainly not for kids, but it has lots of animated women in skimpy outfits kicking ass. So yeah, I'd say it's good.