Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Few Things That Bug Me

Personalized License Plates - There is nothing in the world that screams out to me, "I'm an ass" more than a personalized plate. This is a trend however that appears on the rise. In the last 48 hours I've seen a black F-250 with a lift kit, illegally dark tinted windows, and a license plate that says ABYSS; a green Ford Mustang with a plate that says VROOOM; a black and silver Jaguar with plate that says JUSTICE surrounded by a silver hellfire shaped frame. This is not to mention the Firebird that asks WNARACE, the Corvette with the plate reading CHACHNG, and the Nissan with the plate letting you know that this is MY Z.

Drive Thru Non-Service - Another trend that is getting worse is the drive thru attendant that after he takes your money asks you to pull up by the door and wait for your food. WTF? Some times there are two or three cars pulled in front waiting for someone to bring them out their bags of food. This has gotten so bad that I've been asked to pull up even when there isn't anybody else in line at all. It doesn't make my wait any shorter. If anything it lengthens my wait time. Also when my order turns out to be wrong it means that I have to get out of my car and walk back inside rather than getting it fixed at the window. I'd try to make a stand about this, but I don't want anything to happen to my food.

People That Don't Understand the Four Way Stop Sign - I don't think that the rules of "right of way" have changed in the two thousand plus years that stop signs have been around, but people still seem to have a problem with this on a regular basis. There are still plenty of people that appear to have a problem flushing the toilet as well so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Just some scattershooting and a quick Tuesday rant. Thanks for listening.


Gyuss Baaltar said...

and tell those kids to get out of your yard!

mist1 said...

I want a vanity plate more than I want lunch right now.

I have been planning it for months. It will read:


Dagromm said...

Gyuss - You are right. I'm going to post a sign.

Mist - I know it's been said before, but you are classy!

fringes said...

Who goes first at the four-way stop? I can never remember. I always assume it's my turn.

Dagromm said...

Fringes - Oh no...I hope this is a joke otherwise I might not let you use my restroom.

Princess of the Universe said...

I have an obnoxious plan that I always use at Wendy's drive-thrus..
I generally tend to ask for only my drink biggie sized and a side of mayo.
Then when I pull up to the window I innocently ask: did I ask for mayo? Did I ask for biggie drink?
Makes them double-check, and invariably they would have given me the wrong order.
Cause the drive-though window is rocket science...

fringes said...

Well, it was a serious question. But Q answered it for me while teaching me how to properly flush the toilet. We're all good now.

Dagromm said...

princess - I don't think men can get away with obnoxious at the drive thru as much as women, but I like the way you think.

fringes - Double oh no!!!!! I hope he told you that when two people arrive at the four way stop at the same time that the person to the right goes first. I also hope that he said that the lever is pressed downward and the tissue goes in the bowl. I know that he doesn't neccessarily agree with me on that last part. We come from differing schools of thought.

plug said...
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plug said...

Vanity plates - ugh.
Drive thru service - sucks.
4-way stops - not that hard people.
Now just wait till your co-worker starts talking about her boyfriend;s micropenis. I'm just sayin'.

LIT said...

Personalized plates: Might as well read
Target me for your accident insurance scam.

Drive thru Service: Two options:
(1) Politely say," No, I'll wait here (use window rep's name) or I'll leave; you choose!"
(2) Plan your quick meals at home; it's

Four Way Stop: It's obvious you wren't present to figure out the 4 way stop where there were 3 streets intersecting at Tx A & M next to the Admin. Bldg. It's a life altering experience.

Goo said...

6-way stop: This is why I LOVE the roundabout - nobody stops, everybody goes, nary a collision in sight

Dagromm said...

I don't know that I've ever had to drive a roundabout, but honestly they intimidate me.