Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Few Things That I Love

Promise Land Chocolate Milk
For chocolate milk lovers (and truthfully who isn't) this is the stuff to get. It's much better than any of the other flavored dairy products being sold out there. In fact we also buy the Promise Land Fat Free Milk when we're feeling healthy as it has a much better consistency than it's competitors. If your store sells this stuff and you're not buying it, then you're really just cheating yourself.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Now I know there are some people that disapprove of Macaroni and Cheese out of a box. They say that homemade macaroni is much better. Those people are devil worshippers and I pray you don't let your soul be taken by them and their demon food. I come from the Christian religion where we believe that God gave us processed cheese powder because he loves us and to keep us righteous. If you really want to feel blessed then I suggest the Thick N' Creamy version, because it comes with considerably more of the Lord's cheese powder.
Magnum XL Condoms
These are the only condoms that I've found to be comfortable. I imagine this recommendation isn't a shock to most guys out there who have probably come to the same conclusion. Additionally, they also come in the discrete XL packaging so as not to draw attention to the fact that I must be packin' a lot down there.
Just a little positive to counterbalance yesterdays negativity. Thanks once again for listening.


Q said...

Promised Land Egg Nog is like drinking pure unadulterated joy in liquid form. I used to make protein shakes using their chocolate milk by mixing in a few cans of tuna packed in water and mixing it in a blender.

I am a Velveeta shells and cheese man myself. Try mixing in a can of tuna it makes it super delicious and packs it with protein.

As far as the XL condoms go I was just wondering if you knew that they were supposed to fit tightly. Not like a t-shirt but rather like an under-armor compression shirt.

We must protect this house...

Dagromm said...

Q - Of course they fit tightly. I just add a few cans of tuna to pack it with protein.

mist1 said...

I strongly disagree with this post.

1. Milk is disgusting. The fact that you mentioned it's consistency is proof that you recognize that milk is disgusting. You never hear me discussing the consistency of wine, do you? No, because wine is not disgusting, nor does it have to be flavored like chocolate to be appealing to children.

2. Cheese powder is unnatural and clumps in your nose when you snort it. I'm not in favor of homemade macaroni either because it always has that that thick skin of cheese on top that reminds me of eating one of my sneakers. I prefer the packet of cheese sauce. Cheese sauce eliminates many steps and does not require the addition of milk (see #1 above).

3. I have a latex allergy. Well, I could.

Dagromm said...

Mist - I disagree with your disagreement, so we'll have to disagree to disagree.
1. Milk goes better on cereal than just about anything and everything is better when flavored with chocolate.
2. Cheese powder might clump in your nose, but it definately clumps in your arteries which is what God intended.
3. Me too. Possibly.

Pokiman said...

Now I have to agree to agree, or disagree, as the case maybe.
1. I have to agree about the wine, with enough of it, at the right strength, or what I like to call consistency, i.e if the wine has the consistency of motor oil, it can be a healthy and convincing replacement for milk, on cereal, or in mac and cheese, or to quiet little whats-its-name(pet or progeny. Wine does a body good.
2. I like my wine from a box. It's not really from a box, cause there is a bag in there, and wine from a bag means that my wine never touches corners or sides, it just rolls around in foil, as the ancient ment it to. If I drink enough I can actually be convinced that a hot plate of fried sneakers
IS mac and cheese...the yummy kind from a packet.
3. I can't speak for most of you...but Gy knows I can bust him on the latex thing, I know he isn't allergic. I've seen him covered in latex. I've covered him in latex.

It was in a play...a play at college.

Dagromm said...

p-man - Sounds like it was some kind of kinky role play.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

XL condoms

I'm glad you're being safe while fisting

Gyuss Baaltar said...


Last I checked, I got a credit for that latex. But was that just playing into a necrophilia fetish?

Is it necrophilia if it's a zombie?

Dagromm said...

Thanks Gyuss, I had just shared this blog with my prayer group. I guess I have to find a new church now.

fringes said...

Promised Land milk is better than sex. You can quote me.

heather said...

1. promised land milk is not available up here so i can't comment about that.
2. kraft mac and cheese was for dinner tonight. with the addition of italian sausage, zucchini, stewed tomatoes, onions and green peppers. we eat it with ground beef and peas quite often too. truely a god given gift.
3. you do realise that the xl condoms are the same size as the large, right. the x is for your ego. that's all. ;-)

Dagromm said...

fringes - Agreed. I'm glad somebody came to the blog with their serious hat on.

heather - 1. I'm sorry. You should think about moving. Here in America we've got all sorts of great stuff!
2. Agreed. It's pretty great with everything. I mixed in some Frankenberry Cereal and old cottage cheese and it was still great.
3. I just bought them to replace the serpentine belt in my car.

Pokiman said...

I think the X means that it's for mutants?

cyberman said...

I've never quite understood my dislike for "Mac and Cheese." Past: Good. Cheese: Good. So what the hell is my problem?

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Do you really want Dagromm to start listing your problems?

cyberman said...

good point!

heather said...

ok smart arse! i ~do~ live in the states. just too damn close to canada apparently. lol as for mac and cheese with frankenberry and old cottage cheese.... your wife has left you to fend for yourself and you've lost the phone haven't you.