Friday, January 04, 2008

Books in Review

In my time away from the blog I did a little reading and thought that I'd share a few reviews for those in search of something to pass the time.


Winkie is the story of a teddy bear that is passed down through a family and eventually wills itself to life. It then goes on the run and is captured by special forces and is brought on trial as a terrorist mastermind. The book is a lot deeper then most people glancing at it would probably think and touches on a number of subjects including politics, religion, philosophy, and sexuality. It's a well written book, but not a gripping one. All in all I'd have to give it an A-.

Fahrenheit 451

This is one of those books that has been on my "to do" list for a number of years. Well, I finally got around to reading it, and it was both enjoyable and surprising. I went into this read knowing roughly what the book was about, but I found they style of the writing to be very different to than what I expected. Still well done, but lots of fragmented sentences meant to convey feelings or confusion. Of course it was also interesting to see how something written 50 years ago was still very accurate on a lot of fronts in regards society and the way that thought and information are conveyed. Ray Bradbury certainly earned the 10 cents an hour he got paid to write this book and also his A-.

Planet Hulk

This was a Christmas gift my son received and as soon as he was done, I picked it up and poured through it. This was very well done. The story line was straight enough that a newcomer could pick it up and enjoy it, with characters that came from forgotten story lines of other comics through out the Marvel Universe. On top of that the art was very nice and the covers were beautiful. The hard back even comes with extra background information that shows how well thought out the whole thing was. Nice book for comic lovers. A-


Cyber D said...

Didn't they make Winkie into a movie already. Yeah, Stephen Spielburg did it. It was abour a robot bear on the run from the police with his robot boy who also sees dead people.

451 - I've had the first twelve pages of that book read for the last ten years. Now you've motivated me to read the rest.

Q said...

CyberD was that movie called "Short Circuit"?

LIT said...


Susan said...

Short Circuit is awesome..

Dagromm said...

Cyber D - No. I think you're wrong.

Q - No. I'm fairly certain you're wrong.

Lit - Yes. I believe you are correct.

Susan - Yes. I know that you are correct.

NoRegrets said...

I will search for Winkie. His head doesn't spin around 360 degrees does it? That would freak me out. Kind of like the Snuggle softener bear freaks me out.

jaz said...

noregrets--the Snuggle softener bear gives me the willies, and not in a nice way.

cyber d--how did you bear to put down Farenheit 451? It is one of my very favorite books of all time. If you are nice I will let you see my autographed first edition. If you are very nice I might let you touch it. And if you are very, very nice, Chill won't let you anywhere near the house.

Nina said...

That Winkie book sounds like a modern day Velvateen Rabbit, Yes?

I've just completed The Pillars of the Earth and am plowing through it's sequel, The World Without End (Ken Follett, author). Both Xtremely (ha, ha) well written and loaded with tons of visual stimulation. Highly recommended.

Glad you're back :)

Cyber D said...

Jaz, I like you!

Churlita said...

Yea! you're back.

People have been recommending that Hulk comic book to me since before it even came out. I'm not the biggest Hulk fan, but I'm tempted to check it out.

jaz said...

cyber d--chill already told me you aren't allowed anywhere near the house. sorry.

Dagromm said...

Nore - You might be confusing the Snuggle softener bear with Chuckie. It's not that big a stretch, but they are different.

JAZ - Do you really have an autographed copy? That is extremely cool.

Nina - Sorta yes and very much no. You can't help but reminded in lots of instances of TVR, but this one is not for kids.

CyberD - No one asked.

Churlita - Yeah, I was glad to see me back too. I'm going to try and find more time for my internet paople.

Kofi said...

Fahrenheit 451 was a good read... it reminded me of Don Quixote, just in an updated way. I'm sure that's why you read it too.

Dagromm said...

kofi - I read it because I hadn't.