Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bullet Points

  • I love bullet points.

  • They make random lists of things look organized and less like a bunch of last minute thoughts.

  • They are also a great space killer for business documents. No need to complete paragraphs, these are just bullet points!

  • Flavored cream cheese sucks. Does anyone really like strawberry flavored cream cheese? Cinnamon apple? Ugghhh.

  • See how that worked. It's a bullet point so I don't need any kind of transition.

  • Does the new Incredible Hulk movie have a chance when the last one sucked so bad and the CGI makes both movies look the same?

  • I got published on a CNN blog. Look at me!!! You might have to scroll down a bit

  • This is my 300th post. It's not my best.

  • I'm still rated #1 by lesbians!!! I think.

  • I've been re-watching Coupling season 2 and I will list the three things that Steve says that every bloke needs to know.

  1. You will never be famous.

  2. You're fatter than you think you are.

  3. Stockings are a myth. There are only ten pair in the entire world that women pass around based on need, which is why they are so prevalent early in the relationship and then disappear as the relationship continues.

  • I've almost got my body bathing suit ready again!

  • The Mucho Nachos I ate for lunch isn't going to help though.


Q said...

Searched high and low for you on that CNN blog that you claim to have commented on, and I have not found you yet...

Dagromm said...

It's the comment that says Dagromm. It's not hard to find.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

So you're going for a two piece swimsuit this year? I do think you've got the boobs for it

Q said...

Searched again. Now I am calling bullshit!

Kofi said...

I'm guessing I shouldn't get around to watching the first Hulk movie, then.

jaz said...

Sorry, but I can't even figure out how to get to the CNN blog to look for your entry. Could you provide directions for the internet un-savvy?

LIT said...

My generation loves flavored cream cheese including salmon. Of course, we're a generation ahead of you. You'll catch up one day.

Bullet points does not = bullet proof.

LIT said...

Oh, yeah! Was it the restaurant review on CNN that q couldn't find? If so, I found it. Click on one of the blogs. Putting dagromm in the search window takes one to a page that asks, "Did you mean 'diagram'? But #4 down was the restaurant review. One of your best too.

Q said...

lit, I still couldn't find anything. Is this some sort of game you two are playing?

Susan said...

Hide the dagromm from the q--a game hitting shelves Fall 2008.

Churlita said...

I'm a weird girl. I like wearing stockings in the Winter. Two favorites are thigh highs, or the kind with the seams in the back. Why are they so attractive to men? I've never understood that.

jaz said...

Although I like salmon and cream cheese together, I agree with Daggs about the flavored cream cheese. The ones I have tasted were high on the nasty scale.

And I used to enjoy wearing stockings, too. In recent years, however, I find they just itch. Wonder what Joe Namath thought about wearing them.

LIT said...

q---no, it's not a game; it's brain. Just follow

plug said...

Dang Q - burned by my mom.

Dagromm said...

Gus - Thank you

Q - Apparently my opinions were just too hot for the government and they were pulled. A little too close to the truth?

Kofi - If that's the only effect I ever have on your life then I've still done enought to get into Heaven.

JAZ - The word me in the sentence is a link to the CNN Money blog comments page. Sorry I should have hilighted it.

Lit - You know what, I'll take your word for it. You were right that I've come to accept a lot of things I didn't like eating before in life. I think it has something to do with getting older. Like in Blade Runner when Rutger Hauer is sticking a nail through his hand to give him some sort of sensation strong enough to keep him alive.

Lit - No.

Q - Busted!!

Susan - Don't tell. I think he's still going for it.

Churlita - I think we (men) look at it as an acceptable excuse to stare at women's legs. I don't get why they don't make some with a design that looks like diagramed football plays from Madden. That would really get guys going.

JAZ - I really like plain cream cheese and I think that's what persuades me to give flavored ones a try once in a while and then I ALWAYS regret it.

Lit - Ok, let it go now.

Cyber D said...

Ever get really crazy and customize your bullets? Like using 3-D diamonds or shadow boxes. Wicked!

Tera said...

Maybe I should post the 300th comment...by then you'll be posting again!

Cyber don't you just love it...I also like the "Windows" ones that go with my e-mail background in Outlook!!!!

jaz said...

I give up. I clicked on the "me" and found the CNN discussion re: reason for $4 gas. However, after starting at the top and scrolling all the way to the bottom and then scrolling all the was back to the top (what a way to spend an afternoon), occasionally stopping to read a particularly stupid remark or a different insightful comment, I just give up. Daggs, are you sure you posted something?

LIT said...


NoRegrets said...

Holy crap am I behind!

Alan said...

The Incredible Hulk is must-see watching because it ties into The Iron Man movie and will be a part of the upcoming shared-universe spate of Marvel movies that will lead to The Avengers.

So, yeah. No. Or...was it yeah? :-)

heather said...

~hey, cyber?
how do you customize bullet points?